Read to Understand (RTU) Task

Please follow all of the instructions below:


Make sure you have

  1. Google Chrome latest version installed on your computer.
  2. Uninstalled any previously installed version of Violette from Chrome.



Gain understanding in (without multi staging to understand)


  1. Inspect each code example (one at a time).
  2. Spend your time wisely, don’t go outside the code example’s Q&A page.
  3. Gain understanding in the asked abstractions; e.g., control flow, etc.


There will be 3 Java code examples (Accepted Answers) to review and understand. These examples were extracted from StackOverflow. Your task is to use the Read to Understand (RTU) comprehension technique to dig into each of the Java code examples. This technique involves reading the source code of the given code examples. After 30 minutes, per Java code example, you will be asked to answer a number of questions about the reviewed piece of code.

Please record the time spent reviewing the Java code example. 
Please submit this information as the answer for "How long did you 
spend reviewing and understanding the Java code example?", 
which is found in the online questionnaire you will be 
completing after finishing the whole task.

For each example, there will be two links. First link will take you to a page containing a StackOverflow’s accepted answer. This answer contains some Java code. Second link will take you to an online questionnaire where you’ll answer a number of program comprehension questions about the reviewed piece of code.

After you’ve finished reviewing and understanding the Java code example, please comeback to the experiment page. Then, click on the Java code example’s second link to answer the program comprehension questionnaire.

After answering the questionnaire, close its page and then comeback to the experiment page. Once there, click on the next Java code example to review.

Lastly, after reviewing all code examples and answering their questionnaires, please answer our debriefing questionnaire.


We expect the following throughout the task:

1. We expect you to review and understand a total of 3 Java code examples, in the order provided in this page.

2. We expect the whole task be done within 2 hrs; including the the time spent reviewing this page.

3. We expect the subjects to use only the resources available on the question-answer page to complete the task; i.e., no external resources like Wikipedia should be used.


So without further ado, please click on the first link of Code Example 1 below to start the task:

1. Code Example 1 (code, program comprehension questionnaire)
2. Code Example 2 (code, program comprehension questionnaire)
3. Code Example 3 (code, program comprehension questionnaire)