Curriculum Vitae

Huascar Sanchez

UC Santa Cruz · Ph.D. in Computer Science
Thesis title: Source code Curation Tooling for the Code Forager
Advisor: Prof. Jim Whitehead
San Jose State University · M.S. Software Engineering
Thesis title: Building Systems Using Patterns: Creating Knowledge Maps
Advisor: Prof. M.E. Fayad
2018 –
SRI International · Menlo Park, CA
Advanced Computer Scientist
Worked on research projects that combine multiple scientific disciplines and views of computational and data-driven software engineering problems.
2016 – 2017
SRI International · Menlo Park, CA
Computer Scientist
Worked on a comprehensive range of capabilities for doing large scale software introspection.
2015 – 2016
SRI International · Menlo Park, CA
Postdoctoral Fellow
Worked on marrying large scale software repository mining and gradability theories concerning categorization (and diversification) for program synthesis.
2013 – 2015
UC Santa Cruz · Santa Cruz, CA
Research Assistant
Worked on understanding the technical issues concerning Crowd-sourced gaming for formal verification by helping create and validate two such systems.
2011 – 2012
UC Santa Cruz · Santa Cruz, CA
Research Assistant
Investigated how to build mixed-initiative content creation tools for robot design.
2010 – 2011
UC Santa Cruz · Santa Cruz, CA
Research Assistant
Redesigned and developed a library semi-automatic index tuning.
2010 – 2012
Infomotor, Inc. · San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer/Consultant
Developed Web applications for streamlining both reporting and presentation of key performance metrics, and delivering understandable and actionable data.
2006 – 2009
Pearson VUE · Bloomington, MN
Software Engineer
Developed tools that support a set of distributed applications responsible for delivering over four million computer-based tests a year across the globe for clients in diverse markets, such as licensure, certification, etc.
HiRep: Selecting Diverse Highly Representative Code Examples
Manuscript in preparation.
Visualizing the Failure Landscape of Arbitrary Programs
Manuscript in preparation.
JayHorn: A Framework for Verifying Java programs
T. Kahsai, P. Rümmer, H. Sanchez, and M. Schäf
28th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV)
Design Lessons From Binary Fission: A Crowd Sourced Game for Precondition Discovery.
K. Compton, H. Logas, J. Osborn, C. Chakrabortti, K. Coffman, D. Fava, D. Lederle–Ensign, Z. Lin, J. Mazeika, A. Mobramaein, J. Pagnutti, H. Sanchez, J. Whitehead, J. Murray, and Laurel, B.
1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG
Putting Your Passwords on Self Destruct Mode: Beating Password Fatigue
H. Sanchez, J. Murray, and D. Sanchez
12th Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security
Detecting Similar Programs via the Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Kernel
W. Li, H. Saidi, H. Sanchez, M. Schäf, and P. Schweitzer
15th International Conference on Software Reuse
Multistaging to Understand: Distilling the Essence of Java Code Examples
H. Sanchez, J. Whitehead, and M. Schäf
24th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension
Source Code Curation on StackOverflow: The Vesperin System
H. Sanchez and J. Whitehead
37th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering
BotPrint: Casual Robotic Evolution
K. Compton, D. Lederle-Ensign, Z. Lin, J. Mazeika, A. Mobramaein, J. Pagnutti, H. Sanchez, and J. Whitehead
1st Workshop on Computational Creativity and Games
Software Verification Games: Designing Xylem, The Code of Plants
H. Logas, J. Whitehead, M. Mateas, R. Vallejos, L. Scott, D. Shapiro, J. Murray, K. Compton, J. Osborn, O. Salvatore, Z. Lin, H. Sanchez, M. Shavlovsky, D. Cetina, S. Clementi, and C. Lewis
9th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG)
SNIPR: Complementing Code Search with Code Retargeting Capabilities
H. Sanchez
35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
Kaizen: A Semi-Automatic Index Advisor
I. Jimenez, H. Sanchez, Q.T. Tran, and N. Polyzotis
The 2012 ACM International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD)
Benchmarking Online Index-Tuning Algorithms
I. Jimenez, J. LeFevre, N. Polyzotis, H. Sanchez, and K. Schnaitter
IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin
Knowledge Maps - Fundamentally Modular Approach to Software Architecture, Design, Development and Deployment
M. E. Fayad, H.A. Sanchez, and S.K. Singh
19th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering (SEDE)
The Branding Analysis Pattern
M. E. Fayad, H.A. Sanchez, and S.K. Singh
The 2006 IEEE/ACS International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA)
Towards Scalable and Adaptable Software Architectures
M.E. Fayad, H.S. Hamza, and H.A. Sanchez
The 2005 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI)
The Dynamic Mapping Design Pattern
J. Gresh, J. McKim, and H. Sanchez
The 12th Pattern Language of Programs Conference (PLOP)
A Pattern Language for an Effective Class Responsibility Collaborator (CRC) Cards
M.E. Fayad, H.S. Hamza, and H.A. Sanchez
The 2003 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI)
Software Patterns, Knowledge Maps, and Domain Analysis
M.E. Fayad, H.A. Sanchez, S.G.K. Hegde, A. Basia, and A. Vakil
CRC Press, 2014. ISBN 9781466571433
UC Santa Cruz CMPM 178 · Human-Centered Design Research
Teaching Assistant
UC Santa Cruz CMPS 121 · Mobile Applications
Teaching Assistant
UC Santa Cruz TIM 50 · Business Information Systems
Teaching Assistant
San Jose State CMPE 296G · Software Architectures
Teaching Assistant
San Jose State CMPE 195G · Software Patterns
Teaching Assistant
San Jose State CMPE 132 · Software Engineering II
Teaching Assistant
Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Design and Implementation of Database Systems, Topics in Database Systems (Cloud Computing), Computational Models and Complexity, and Advance Computer Graphics (Procedural Content Generation)
Open Source
Vesperin ·
Source code curation tools
JayHorn ·
Static checker for Java
Kōfu ·
Travis CI miner
JSCheck ·
A limited static type checker for Javascript written in Haskell
Available upon request