Smalls chunks of text in small chunks of time

I have a hard time sitting still and on track. I get easily derailed by many things, such as social media, news, a wandering mind, worries, etc.

Consequently, I’ve tailored my writing routine around this restlessness.

I live by my timers, writing in chunks until time is up. Then I take a few breaks. I used these time periods to quell any distractions.

I give myself 30 minutes to write.

I follow the chunking method. This method makes reading and understanding faster and easier.

I do my best to maintain this routine since it improves my focus and concentration.

It also helps me convey information more efficiently. I don’t get burned out. And there is no chance for social media to derail me.

I also apply this method when writing code; e.g. writing small chunks of functionality in small chunks of time.