Stircup: Search application for (StackOverflow) Code examples

A brief introduction to get started with Stircup.

Its easy to get started with it. You use it by first entering a query, and then pressing the Search button below. Behind the scenes, the application fetches a few batches of code examples from StackOverflow ranked by significance to a query, ignores those ones that don’t match some user given criteria, and then displays the top k most relevant ones.

The criteria we are using include: code examples contain only Java code, at least 5 lines of code. The final result is a list of k most relevant (and or typical if the sorting by typicality checkbox is checked) code examples.

The first time you use it, the results get cached on your browser. After that, every time you search, this is done on your computer.

Had enough? Stop it!

Code examples sorted by typicality

Thank you for trying this app.