Violette with Multi Staging and Code Summarization

To evaluate Violette’s functionality, I have put together the following experiment. Please follow all of the instructions below:


Make sure you have

  1. Google Chrome latest version installed on your computer.
  2. Uninstalled any previously installed Violette from Chrome.
  3. Installed Violette-staging-mode on Chrome1.


  1. You, the subject, must click on a linked code example below. This link will take you to a page containing a StackOverflow’s accepted answer. This answer contains some Java code.

  2. Once you are on that page, your goal is to review and understand the Java code example.

    If the links takes you to an answer without any Java code, feel free to comeback to experiment page and then refresh it. This action will give you a new linked code example.

    For this task, you will be using both Violette’s multi-staging functionality2 and code summarization via automated code folding.

    The multi staging functionality is activated by clicking on the stage button. Each stage is represented as named button.

    Code summarization functionality is activated when clicking on any of the produced stages. This functionality will identify the location of a few code blocks in the stage and then it will automatically fold them.

    Please record on a piece of paper those examples that did not have any Java code inside. Please submit this information as part of a survey you will completing after finishing the experiment.

  3. After you’ve finished reviewing and understanding the code example, please click on the Bring it to Destop button and the provide a description of the goal behind this code example and the reason for using it. Including, fitness of purpose, abstractions, usage protocols, etc.

    If you’ve previously received a key or username from me, then include it in the description of the code example; e.g., username: the code does ….

  4. Lastly, bringing the code example to your desktop, please comeback this page and then complete the following survey.


We expect the following throughout the task:

1. We expect you to review and understand a total of 10 Java code examples generated by this page.

2. We expect the whole task be done within 1 hr and 30 minutes.

3. We expect the subjects to use only the resources available on the question-answer page to complete the task; i.e., no external resources like Wikipedia.


So without further ado, please click on the link below to start the task:

Thank you for participating in this experiment. Now, we need your feedback. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

  1. Open Google Chrome and on the Url bar type chrome://extensions. Look for vesper-web.crx. Get the file and then drop it on the Chrome extension area. Press the Add button and you’re done. 

  2. Multi staged code examples are divided into a series of intermediate phases, presenting lower-level modules (supporting modules) before higher-level modules (main modules).