Code modification ideas in-place

Violette is Vesperin’s companion Chrome extension.

When installed, Violette detects Java code blocks on StackOverflow and then transforms them into a form that allows developers to actually edit and change the code in the web page of the Q&A system (in-place).

This in-place editing is done either manually via direct editing or semi-automatically via Vesperin’s built-in operations (available via the Kiwi API).

Out of the box, Violette supports the following operations.

  1. Programming language detection using heuristics.
  2. Code transformations and refactorings.
  3. Content annotation via notes.
  4. Lightweight drafts management.
  5. Syntax correctness verification.
  6. Code examples multi staging
  7. Code examples summarization
  8. Preview mode.

Violette’s latest version is available here.

Violette’s source code is available here.

Additional information

All the curated code snippets will be available, as tweets, on Twitter. If you want to see them, please follow @codedetour.