This section presents Vesperin1, a source code curation system for Java code examples. Vesperin’s goal is to provide an abstraction that allows programmers to curate online source code as a set of manual and semi-automatic edits, as well as extra documentation.

Vesperin consists of two main components: a Chrome Extension (named Violette) for allowing developers to curate online source code in place, and a RESTful service (named Kiwi) for managing source code curation and parsing operations. Together, they provide an interface designed to make it easy for programmers to examine (via curation) the online source code they encounter.

Vesperin Actions

Each of Vesperin’s components and functionality are listed herein:

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  1. Parts of section are published in a conference paper at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2015 titled “Source Code Curation on StackOverflow: The Vesperin System.”